How to Create a Great Content Calendar (+ 4 Free Templates)

March 09, 2023

Your content calendar will help you:Simplify collaboration between team membersSave timeMinimize errorsStreamline processesThis is a content calendar example:You need a content marketing calendar if:You regularly publish content to achieve specific goalsYou collaborate with different people to generate and publish these content piecesContent calendars help you manage all types of content: blog posts, videos, social posts, and more. Original audio filesEdited audio fileFor videos:Link to scriptInterviewee informationCaptionOriginal video filesEdited video fileThumbnailOur free template includes a “basic” content calendar, as well as optional fields for each content type:Once you’ve created your content calendar, share it with everyone on your team (and any other teams involved). This is what a content calendar built with Google Sheets looks like:Google Sheets is a solid option for your content calendar if you’re a beginner or a solo marketer. The Strategy Behind Your Content CalendarYour content calendar and content strategy are not the same thing. Learn more about content marketing with these in-depth resources:And if you’re ready to start working on your content strategy, check out the Semrush Content Marketing toolkit.

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