How to Build Topical Authority (and Why it Matters)

September 15, 2023

Note: Topical authority differs from domain authority, which measures a website's overall trustworthiness and influence across all subjects. It Reduces Marketing SpendBuilding topical authority can be a slow process, but the lasting effect is more time- and cost-effective marketing. Businesses can build topical authority by consistently creating original, factual, and insightful content that:Naturally incorporates relevant keywordsIs easily readable—not swamped with inaccessible jargonResonates with searchers (e.g., solves their problems or meets other needs)These are the controllable aspects of topical authority and what we’ll focus on here. Google uses a dedicated topical authority system to prioritize results from “news teams that are intimately familiar with the location and topic.”How to Build Topical AuthorityHere are four simple tips to start building topical authority for your brand and website. 3 Simple Ways to Measure Topical AuthorityFull disclosure: There’s no definitive method or metric for measuring your site’s topical authority.

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