How to Build a Content Workflow to Systematize Content Creation

February 28, 2024

For example, here's the content workflow for creating an article:Determining the content’s intentPerforming keyword researchResearching article topicsPreparing the content briefWriting the draftEditing the draftPublishing the finished pageYour content team will execute your content workflow. Here’s an example of a task-based content workflow template:A task-based content workflow makes each step of content production clear. A status-based content workflow could have these statuses:Using a status-based content workflow is helpful for getting a general overview of the project’s progress through the content creation pipeline. Find more content creation tools in these articles:Creating Your Content WorkflowOnce you’ve decided on your preferred content workflow type and the content you’ll produce, you’re ready to create your content workflow. Flesh Out Your Content Creation TasksList the actions that happen at each stage of content creation.

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