How To Become an SEO Expert in 4 Steps

December 01, 2023

Our SEO course for beginners is also available in Spanish, Italian Our SEO course for beginners is also available in German Russian , and Japanese2. To find job opportunities, start by signing up for SEO newsletters like SEO Jobs and SEOFOMO. This might seem pushy, but many agencies actually encourage this—such as Rise at Seven:Here’s a quick email template to get you started:Subject: Junior SEO position? So far, I’ve taken Ahrefs’ Beginner SEO course and started my own blog about [topic]—which I’ve had some success with. In terms of how to build your knowledge in your chosen area, here are a few ideas:Go to local SEO meetupsAttend SEO conferencesJoin SEO communities (we have our own here)Listen to SEO podcastsFollow SEOs on YouTubeSubscribe to SEO newslettersFollow SEO experts and thought leaders on social mediaHere are a few SEOs I’d recommend following and their (rough) specialties:Final thoughtsK Anders Ericsson famously theorized that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a new skill.

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