How to Analyze the Results of Your SEO Split Tests

April 06, 2023

How to Conduct Successful SEO Split TestsBefore you can analyze the results of an SEO split test, you need to learn how to properly conduct one. seoClarity’s SEO Split Tester from ClarityAutomate executes AND analyzes split tests at scale without waiting for the dev team or data analysts. Analyzing the Results of an SEO Split TestOnce you’ve completed the above steps, the next step is to analyze the results. How to Determine if SEO Split Test Results Are Statistically SignificantWhether your test yielded positive or negative results only matters if the results are statistically significant. How to Use seoClarity’s Split Test AnalysisTo easily analyze the results of an SEO split test, follow these simple steps:Step 1: Select the metric you want to track.

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