How the August 2023 Google core update compared to March 2023 core updates

September 14, 2023

Now that the Google August 2023 Core Update is done rolling out, we wanted to take a deeper dive on how this core update differed from previous Google core updates, specifically the March 2023 broad core update. As a reminder, the Google August 2023 broad core update started rolling out August 22, 2023, and was completed 16 days later on September 7, 2023. When you compare that to the March 2023 core update, that update only reached about 8. Here is a look at the peaks for both updates over the period of time they rolled out:You can clearly see that while the March 2023 core update had wide volatility spikes, the August 2023 core update did not. The RankRanger team also sent us data comparing this August 2023 core update to the March 2023 core update.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land