How SEOs can deal with unwanted adult-intent traffic

September 07, 2023

SEO for adult sites is a fiercely competitive space – yet pervasive and unwanted adult-intent traffic remains a big challenge for enterprises, ecommerce sites and marketplaces. When non-adult sites rank for adult searchesIt’s important to understand that “adult-intent traffic” and “adult content” differ. How to minimize and manage unwanted adult-intent trafficWhile no solution will be perfect, here are several ways to reduce adult-intent traffic. Manage adult-intent traffic to protect your SEO effortsWhile adult-intent SEO traffic might increase the volume of visitors, the quality and relevance of this audience for non-adult sites are questionable. By effectively recognizing, segmenting, and acting against unwanted adult-intent traffic, enterprises can fine-tune their SEO strategies and ensure their content reaches the right audiences.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land