How non-retail advertisers can embrace value-based bidding in Google Ads

June 30, 2023

While value-based bidding has become a staple for ecommerce and retail brands, non-retail verticals have struggled to incorporate it effectively into their holistic PPC strategies. This article explores the challenges faced by non-retail industries in embracing value-based bidding in Google Ads and how to make it work for your unique business. Making value-based bidding work for non-retail brandsMost ecommerce and retail brands can seamlessly update their bidding strategies to value-based models. If you’re looking at 100 engaged page visitors, 60 lead form starts, and 50 lead form submissions, with a lead form submission worth $100, you can calculate the trickle-down metrics using Google’s calculator. I’d offer that most of your customer journey on your website or in your ads is helpful to inform value-based bidding.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land