How Long Should An SEO Migration Take? [Study]

September 13, 2023

Website migrations, specifically domain migrations, are often seen as one of the more complex parts of SEO. So this leads us back to the question we’re asked by stakeholders when scoping and pitching for SEO migration projects:How long should an SEO migration take? Study MethodologyThe aim of this study is to research and provide a data-led answer to “How long should an SEO migration take,” to help both in-house SEO pros and SEO consultants provide better estimations and communications with non-SEO stakeholders of their migration projects. To answer this, we took a sample of 171 domain migrations (data provided by Ahrefs, supplemented by migration examples provided by other SEOs, as well as our own work history). Study FindingsThe key takeaways from the domain study are:On average, it took 229 days for Domain B to show the same level of organic traffic as Domain A.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal