How Google’s Hreflang x-default Enhances Website Navigation

May 12, 2023

Google is reminding website owners and SEO professionals about the benefits of using the hreflang x-default value, an underused feature that can improve user experience. Advantages Of Using Hreflang x-defaultThere are two main benefits to implementing the hreflang x-default value on your site:URL Discovery : The URLs specified in hreflang annotations, including x-default, may be used for URL discovery. Incomplete hreflang annotations : Ensure that all relevant language and region versions of a page are included in the hreflang annotations. Inconsistent hreflang annotations : Avoid using different hreflang annotations on different versions of the same page. In SummaryThe hreflang x-default value is a valuable yet underutilized tool that can enhance user experience and boost conversions.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal