How Google SGE will impact your traffic – and 3 SGE recovery case studies

September 07, 2023

Much has been written about Google Search Generative Experience (SGE), but the most important questions remains unanswered:If and when Google SGE goes live, how will it impact organic traffic? Carried out three SGE recovery projects, in which we have mitigated (at least partially) the expected traffic drops from Google SGE. By summing up the expected traffic in SGE and comparing it to current traffic, we can see if our organic traffic is expected to drop, or even possibly grow, when Google transitions to SGE. CTR in Google SGE (Optimistic ) The optimistic CTR for the top 10 positions is similar to Google today. ET, I will hold a free webinar – Overcoming the Google SGE Challenge: Assessment and Recovery Strategies – in which we’ll go into more depth about the SGE Impact Model, our experimental framework, and our SGE recovery case studies, and take questions from the audience.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land