How Content Scoring Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy

March 06, 2023

Creating a scoring system for your marketing content allows you to evaluate quality, discover trends across MQLs, and streamline content creation to meet your goals. Scoring Content for ReadabilityWith so many aspects of content optimization to consider, one of the easiest to overlook is readability. Ultimately, Content Fusion takes the guesswork out of content scoring so that content teams can easily confirm content quality and relevance to a target audience before it’s published on a site. To improve the performance of their content, marketing teams should consider adopting content scoring as a method to measure content quality, understand their consumers, and increase their ROI. Simplify and scale this process by using seoClarity's Content Fusion solution which offers content scoring as well as the ability to download detailed content briefs within seconds, analyze content globally, and leverage content insights via an API.

The source of this news is from SEO Clarity