Homepage SEO: What Is It & How to Do It

December 07, 2023

For example, using targeted keyword research, writing optimized content, applying technical SEO tactics, and building backlinks. So, a lot of people overlook the SEO potential of their homepages and just focus on the branding aspect. Here’s a good example of a business that ranks highly for their branded keywords:Branded keywords are a huge part of homepage SEO. You’ll see an overall score and breakdowns for “Readability,” “SEO,” “Originality,” and “Tone of voice.”With real-time feedback, the SEO Writing Assistant can create, rephrase, expand, and simplify text that’s:SEO-friendlyHighly readableConsistent in tone and voiceFree of errorsOriginalThese qualities will go a long way in boosting your homepage SEO. Further reading: How to Do a Backlink Audit (5 Simple Steps)Take Homepage SEO a Step FurtherNow you know the basics of how to optimize your homepage for SEO.

The source of this news is from Semrush