Headless SEO Explained + 6 Best Practices

January 23, 2024

While general SEO best practices and rules remain the same, how you go about implementing them will differ in a headless setup. This is a beginner-friendly guide covering everything you need to know about headless CMS SEO, including:How headless SEO is different from regular SEOThe benefits of using a headless CMSHeadless SEO best practicesBut first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about the ins and outs of what a headless CMS is and how its differences may affect your SEO strategy. Headless SEO is the practice of optimizing your headless CMS so that it meets search engine optimization best practices and gives your content the best chance of ranking for relevant keywords. If the tagline for a headless CMS is “create content once, distribute it everywhere,” then the tagline for headless SEO would be “optimize everything, everywhere, all at once.”How is headless SEO different from regular SEO? 6 headless SEO best practicesHeadless SEO best practices typically follow the same rules as any SEO strategy.

The source of this news is from Ahrefs