Google’s Webspam Report Explains Role Of SpamBrain

April 16, 2023

Google’s annual Webspam Report covering 2022 highlighted all the ways their SpamBrain anti-spam system became more adept at catching multiple forms of spam. Google’s Webspam report notes this about SpamBrain:“We also improved SpamBrain as a robust and versatile platform, launching multiple solutions to improve our coverage of different abuse types.”Improvements to SpamBrainThe Webspam report noted that improvements to the system resulted in catching 500% more spam sites than the year before. Link Spam DetectionThe report noted that special link spam training resulted in catching fifty times more sites creating link spam as compared from the year before, citing SpamBrain’s ability to learn as key to its success. This year’s report focused on catching link spam, identifying hacked sites and improvements in detecting spam at crawl time. Read Google’s Webspam Report:How we fought spam on Google Search in 2022Featured image by Shutterstock/Asier Romero

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal