Google’s Website Cache Is Still Available (For Now)

March 11, 2024

Google recently updated it’s Google Cache documentation on their website cache and in so doing indirectly created a reminder that the cache is still available for virtually any webpage that Google has indexed. His tweet continued:“You’re going to see cache: go away in the near future, too.”The “Cache:” Search Operator Is Still WorkingGoogle recently updated their Search Central documentation on the cache: search operator to remove instructions for how to view the cache directly from the search results. When a page doesn’t have a cached version, using the cache: search operator to find the cached version will fail…”Google’s SearchLiaison said that the cache: search operator was going away in the near future. The cache search operator is still so enjoy it while it lasts. Read Google’s documentation about the cache: search operator:cache: search operatorFeatured Image by Shutterstock/Leklek

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal