Google’s Mueller To Those Who Create Fake Personas: You’re Deluding Yourselves

July 17, 2023

Google’s John Mueller expressed his thoughts in a series of tweets about SEOs who create fake personas for a review site, including false LinkedIn profiles. He said if they think nobody can tell that “you’re deluding yourselves.”Fake LinkedIn Profiles To Look LegitAI is used to catch millions of fake LinkedIn profiles every year. An affiliate marketer who uses fake LinkedIn profiles for their author bios shared:“As an affiliate marketer, having LinkedIn profiles for my fake persona was a great way to get credibility for my authors. Fake Google Business Profile ReviewsGoogle is suing a marketer who allegedly created and sold fake Google Business Profile reviews, as well as fake business sites. John Mueller on Fake PersonasConsidering how adept Google is to catching fake personas and reviews, it makes sense that Google’s John Mueller asserts that Google knows about them.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal