Google’s Mueller Outlines Path To Recovery For Sites Hit By Core Update

May 08, 2024

The conversation arose as people questioned whether sites hit by the September helpful content update could regain lost traffic and rankings after future core updates. — John 🧀 … 🧀 (@JohnMu) April 29, 2024Addressing Lingering ConfusionFollowing Mueller’s statements, confusion persisted around whether sites hit by the helpful content update require a new core update to recover lost rankings. Core updates can include many things.”He likened core updates to adjustments in ranking formulas and thresholds, with the latter often necessitating another update cycle. — John 🧀 … 🧀 (@JohnMu) May 4, 2024Dismissing Permanence ConcernsThere’s concern that sites affected by the September helpful content update will be permanently classified, obstructing future growth. Mueller states:“… to be clear, it’s not that “helpful content update” “recoveries” take longer than other updates.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal