Google’s John Mueller Seeks Advice On Hiring SEO Consultants

June 05, 2023

Google Search Advocate, John Mueller, has turned to Twitter seeking advice on what to consider when hiring an SEO consultant. Kris Roadruck emphasized that most low-budget local SEO services, charging below $1000 per month, are “chop-shops” offering minimal service. She highlights the advantages of working with an agency that operates in the same area as the business requiring local SEO services:“Chose someone who’s experimented in local SEO and understands the local market. However, these key topics were left unexplored:Specific criteria or red flags to watch out for when evaluating potential SEO consultants. A serious SEO consultant adheres to ethical SEO practices, often called “White Hat SEO.”In SummaryThe Twitter conversation initiated by Google’s John Mueller provided valuable insights into what to consider when choosing an SEO professional.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal