Google's Core Web Vitals Look Hard at UX

January 08, 2024

Core Web Vitals and User Experience Signals Affect Page RankIn the page experience update, Google combined current signals for page experience with Core Web Vitals to create a broad “page experience” ranking signal. Google now measures page experience using Core Web Vitals and other UX factors, and these metrics together will determine your page experience score. The Web Vitals extension allows you to monitor Core Web Vitals in real-time. Create a Core Web Vitals ReportFor a more in-depth analysis of your site’s Core Web Vitals, run a Core Web Vitals report, located in Google’s Search Console. Example Core Web Vitals report overviewIn addition to the Core Web Vitals report, run a Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).

The source of this news is from SpyFu