Google Updates Spam And Ranking Systems Guidance

December 25, 2023

Google updated their spam policies for web search and the guide to ranking systems to clarify how Google handles sites with a high number of non-consensual explicit imagery and requests for their removals. This is what was removed:“Furthermore, we have automatic protections designed to prevent non-consensual explicit personal images from ranking highly in response to queries involving names.”Why did Google remove that passage? Search Ranking Systems Guidance UpdatedA similar edit was made to Google’s Guide to Search Ranking Systems where the same sentence about the “automatic protections” was entirely removed, possibly because it was redundant. The additional reason for demotion is sites that experience a high level of “non-consensual explicit imagery removals” requests. We may apply similar demotion practices for sites that receive a high volume of doxxing content removals or non-consensual explicit imagery removals.”Read Google’s updated spam policies:Spam policies for Google web searchA guide to Google Search ranking systemsFeatured Image by Shutterstock/Melnikov Dmitriy

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal