Google Updates Rel=Canonical Documentation

February 16, 2024

Google updated their rel canonical documentation in order to clarify how Google handles the extraction of rel canonical annotations. The clarification is not meant to indicate a change in how Google handles rel=canonical annotations but rather to make it explicitly clear how Google processes them. Canonical Link Relation – RFC 5988Google’s documentation has always referenced RFC 5988 as the standard Google uses for how it uses the link relation canonical. Google’s changelog documentation explains it:“Clarifying the extraction of rel=”canonical” annotationsWhat: Clarified that rel=”canonical” annotations with certain attributes are not used for canonicalization. This is a documentation change only; Google has always ignored these rel=”canonical” annotations for canonicalization purposes.”Read Google’s updated documentation:How to specify a canonical with rel=”canonical” and other methodsFeatured Image by Shutterstock/Kues

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal