Google Updates Product Structured Data Documentation

April 18, 2023

Google updated the developers documentation for the product structured data to add requirements that will make a site eligible to display product return policies in the in the merchant listing experiences. Merchant Listing ExperiencesThe update applies to a set of rich results that are exclusive to merchants that’s called the merchant listing experiences. The structured data required for merchant listings and product snippets is described in our Product structured data documentation.”Merchant Return Policy Structured Data TypeA structured data type communicates to search engines that the data is about a specific data type, in this case it’s about a merchant return policy. Structured data types have “properties” that provide information about the data type. Structured Data SettingsPublishers who manage structured data with WordPress plugins should keep an eye out for updates to the plugins because they may contain new settings for this structured data.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal