Google Unplugs “Notes on Search” Experiment

April 17, 2024

Google is shutting down it’s Google Notes Search Labs experiment that allowed users to see and leave notes on Google’s search results and many in the search community aren’t too surprised. Google Search NotesAvailability of the feature was limited to Android and Apple devices and there was never a clearly defined practical purpose or usefulness of the Notes experiment. The Search Labs page for the experiment touts it as mode of self-expression, to help other users and as a way for users to collect their own notes within their Google profiles. The official Notes page in Search Labs has a simple notice:Notes on Search Ends May 2024That’s it. Screenshot Of NoticeReaction From Search CommunityKevin Indig tweeted his thoughts that anything Google makes with a user generated content aspect was doomed to attract spam.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal