Google Strikes Back: A Legal Victory Against CryptBot Malware Distributors

April 28, 2023

Google is ramping up its efforts to combat cybercrime, as the tech giant recently announced a legal victory against the distributors of the notorious CryptBot malware. Google estimates that CryptBot has infected approximately 670,000 computers in the past year alone, primarily targeting users of Google Chrome. Legal Strategy & DisruptionGoogle’s litigation targeted several major distributors of CryptBot, believed to be based in Pakistan and operating a worldwide criminal enterprise. A Glimpse Into What’s NextGoogle’s recent lawsuit against the distributors of CryptBot malware marks a meaningful stride toward bringing cybercriminals to justice. By taking legal action against both those who operate botnets and those who financially benefit from spreading malware, Google is working to improve the security of internet users.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal