Google: SSL Certificate Does Not Boost SEO

May 21, 2023

Google’s John Mueller deflated the suggestion that an SSL certificate would “boost” a website’s SEO, unambiguously stating that an SSL certificate does not boost your SEO. Get an SSL certificate today and keep your website safe.”Google Senior Search Analyst/Search Relations Lead, John Mueller, responded:“@EncryptedFence this does not “Boost your website’s SEO”, sorry.”SSL Certificate Does Not Boost SEO? An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that certifies (authenticates) a website’s identity, it certifies that a browser is connecting to the correct server. If HTTPS is a ranking factor then why did John Mueller assert that SSL certificates don’t boost SEO? The claim was:“Without an SSL Certificate Google is likely to drop your website in search results”Mueller responded:“Yeah, that’s wrong.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal