Google search revenue rises to $48 billion, total ad revenue up 11%

February 01, 2024

Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, reported record-breaking advertising revenue of $65.52 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023, year on year. A 12.7% gain in search revenue was accompanied by a strong increase in revenue for YouTube ads by 15.5%. “We ended 2023 with very strong fourth quarter financial results, with Q4 consolidated revenues of $86 billion, up 13% year over year. Google’s ad revenue increased by $6.48 billion from the previous year, while YouTube ad revenue was $9.2 billion, up from $8 billion in 2022. The company’s ad revenue is now growing strongly again, showing that digital advertising is bouncing back after a rocky start in 2023.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land