Google Search Ads 360 gains retail media capabilities

March 19, 2024

Google Search Ads 360 launched a closed beta for offsite retail media campaigns to help retailers and brands achieve common goals with shoppers, boost product visibility, and increase sales, the search ad company told us. Google announced these new features today in Search Ads 360:Google added offsite retail media capabilities to Search Ads 360 to help retailers and brands sell more products together by combining unique retailer audiences with Google AI and scale across channels. Lowe’s is launching its first offsite retail media offering on Google Search and Shopping inventory, using a managed service model today and partnering with SA360 on the journey toward self-service options for their brand partners in the future. If these Search Ads 360 features are useful for you or your clients, then try to gain access to this closed beta. To do so or for more information about participating in the SA360 beta, contact your Google account team.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land