Google says helpful content should have good page experience

April 21, 2023

Google now says that good page experience is an important element for creating, what Google defines as, helpful content. Google added the following section to the helpful content guidance here:“Provide a great page experience: Google’s core ranking systems look to reward content that provides a good page experience. For more advice, see our page, Understanding page experience in Google Search results.”“In turn, that section links over to our revised Understanding page experience in Google Search results help page, which explains the role of page experience in more detail, along with self-assessment questions and resources,” Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan wrote. The page experience report was intended as a general guidepost of some metrics that aligned with good page experience, not as a comprehensive assessment of all the different aspects. The page experience update was a concept to describe a set of key page experience aspects for site owners to focus on.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land