Google Removes Canada News Links In Response To Online News Act, Bill C-18

July 02, 2023

Google announced its decision to remove links to Canadian news from its Search, News, and Discover products in response to Canada’s recently enacted Bill C-18. Big Tech’s ResponseIn response to Bill C-18, Google and Meta have taken the significant step of removing news content from their platforms in Canada. Despite its stated commitment to Canadian journalism through programs and partnerships, including the Google News Showcase, Google deems the current form of Bill C-18 unworkable. Meta Will Not Negotiate With Canada Over Bill C-18In a CBC News interview, Rachel Curran, Head of Public Policy for Meta Canada, discussed Meta’s response to the Online News Act. The effectiveness and consequences of Bill C-18 will be closely watched in Canada and others grappling with similar issues.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal