Google On Diagnosing A Deindexed WordPress Site

April 24, 2024

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about a WordPress site that was completely deindexed from Google Search after changing to a different web hosting platform. Dropped From Index After A Site MigrationA submitted question to the Google Office Hours podcast related that their site disappeared from the search engine results pages after they had migrated their site from WordPress to “self-publishing” and that the site was subsequently deindexed. Migrating a WordPress site to another web host takes a few relatively simple steps but it can go wrong at virtually every step of the process. More on migrating a WordPress site later because it’s relevant to the question. Diagnose If WordPress Is Blocking GoogleThis kind of problem typically happens when a WordPress site is set to be hidden from the search engines, which means there’s a robots.txt entry that’s blocking search engines from indexing the site.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal