Google March 2024 Update: 6 Insights On Manual Actions

March 07, 2024

March 2024 Update Qualifies As MajorI have been around for every single Google update and in my opinion the March 2024 Core Algorithm Update is clearly on the same impact level as the Florida, Panda and Penguin updates in terms of how widespread the effects are. Inconsistent Communication About Manual ActionsJeannie Hill (@essentialskill) posted about businesses that came to her for help who reported inconsistent messaging from Google about manual actions, with some receiving an email about it while others noticed the manual action in their Google Search Console. — Jeannie Hill (@essentialskill) March 6, 2024Ollie Ryman @ollie_ryman commented about manual actions related to “abusive experiences” where the manual actions do not appear in Google Search Console and the only notification is through email. Ollie tweeted:@searchliaison Hi, abusive experiences do not appear as a manual action in GSC, they are only visible in the legacy webmaster tools. Old Sites Getting A Manual ActionAnother facet of this update is that it’s affecting older sites that haven’t previously received manual actions.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal