Google Issues Statement About Support for Cross-Domain Canonicals

May 11, 2023

Google offered a statement to clarify their support for the cross-domain canonical link element (rel=”canonical”), pointing out limitations in how they use it, saying that they still try to use the cross-domain canonicals while also pointing out where it’s not recommended. Google this week meant to simultaneously publish updates to multiple pages with guidance around cross-domain canonicals but instead they were published in a staggered manner, which caused confusion as to whether Google still supported cross-domain canonicals. Google clarified their guidance on duplicate content for news publishers who syndicate content in Google News. Google Issues a Statement About Canonical Link ElementGoogle offered Search Engine Journal the following statement to make it clear that Google still supports the canonical link element. We’ve updated some of our guidance about this to better advise those who syndicate content.”Now it’s clear that Google still supports cross-domain canonical link elements.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal