Google investigating Ad Manager Reach report error

April 03, 2024

Google is investigating an issue causing incomplete data in Ad Manager Reach reports. Ad Manager Reach reports with dynamic date ranges like “Last week (Sun – Sat)” or “Last 93 days”, or fixed date ranges with start or end dates beyond March 20, 2024, will include incomplete reach reporting data for any Orders or Line items still actively delivering beyond March 20. Affected users are able to access Google Ad Manager but may not have access to the most recent data. When did the issue start? Google said in a statement:“The ‘Estimated Total Unique Visitors’ Reach report metric is unaffected by this issue and can be used as an interim workaround.”“This metric represents the total unique users, similar to ‘Total unique visitors’, but instead provides an estimate of unique visitors in order to report an estimated reach for as many rows as possible.”Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land