Google implements a new GA4 fractional, cross-channel web conversions feature

April 19, 2023

Google Ads has recently implemented a new feature that allows the platform to import fractional, cross-channel web conversion credits from Google Analytics 4 properties. In the past, web conversions were imported from Google Analytics 4 using a cross-channel last click approach and then assigned in Google Ads based on the chosen attribution model in the user’s Google Ads account. This meant that if the final click did not originate from Google advertising, the conversion would not be imported into Google Ads. With the latest update, Google Ads now imports fractional cross-channel conversion credits, even when the last non-direct click was not from Google advertising. For instance, if data-driven attribution is chosen for an imported conversion action, all fractional, attributed Google credits visible in Google Analytics 4 reporting will be imported into Google Ads, irrespective of the last touchpoint.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land