Google Helpfulness Signals Might Change – Why It’s Not Enough

May 21, 2024

Helpful Content SignalsGoogle’s Helpful Content Signals (aka Helpful Content Update aka HCU) was originally a site-wide signal when launched in 2022. We do have some site-wide signals that are also considered.”There are two important takeaways:There is no longer a single system for helpfulness. The signals are page-level but there are site-wide signals that can impact the overall rankings. If Google follows through with lightening the helpfulness signals so that individual pages are able to rank, there is reason to believe that it may not impact many websites that publishers and SEOs believe are suffering from sitewide helpfulness signals. John Mueller Offers HopeGoogle’s John Mueller responded to a query about sitewide helpfulness signals suppressing the rankings of new pages created to be helpful and later indicated there may be a change to the way helpfulness signals are applied sitewide.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal