Google Gemini is here – and it’s already being tested in Search

December 07, 2023

Google today announced Gemini, a multimodal large language model, and confirmed the AI model will be added to Search and Ads next year. Meanwhile, Google Search is already testing Gemini, which has reduced the latency of Search Generative Experience responses by 40% for English in the U.S. and led to other unspecified quality improvements, Google said. As usual, Google kept it vague, and mostly talked about SGE – not Search as a whole, which could be telling:You’re now saying that Gemini will come to search next year. Google unveils Gemini, PlatformerWhat is Google Gemini. Although Gemini is only being tested in Search, Google has confirmed it will be part of the Google Search experience soon.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land