Google Explains The “Hostload Exceeded” Issue With Indexing

October 24, 2023

Users over the weekend were bewildered by Google Search Console failure to index webpages and the accompanying cryptic message, Failure: hostload exceeded. Hostload Exceeded Issue Not A Web Host IssueThere are at least two discussions on the private Affiliate SEO Mastermind Facebook group noted that their sites that were hosted on Namecheap was experiencing the “Failed:Hostload exceeded” issue. There’s a post on a WordPress/Bloggers Facebook Group where the person experiencing hostload exceeded issues was on an Indian web host, DRWebhost. Google Support Pages Swarmed With Indexing Failure ReportsGoogle Support Center experienced a surge of users seeking help for the “hostload exceeded” error. A person tweeted:I know I'm not the only one getting 'Hostload exceeded' errors after searching on here.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal