Google expands video requirements for “Video mode” where video must be main content of the page

December 06, 2023

Google is expanding its video requirements where the video must be the main content of the page to show up as a video result in Google Search to also have that requirement with Google’s “Video mode” in search. Google said it will only “show video thumbnails next to results on the main Google Search results page when the video is the main content of a page” and that it expanding this requirement for “video mode.”Google explained “with this update, clicking a result in Video mode will only take users to a page where the video is the main content.”What is video mode. Google shared this illustration of video mode in the Google Search results:Not primary video content. This decrease will also appear in the number of video impressions in the performance report, video indexing report, and the video rich results report in Google Search Console. If your pages have been ranking in video mode within Google Search, you’ll watch to watch the performance of those pages heading forward.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land