Google Ends Video Carousel Structured Data Test

April 19, 2024

Google has ended support for the video carousel (limited access) markup documentation and the associated rich results because after testing the structured data they realized that it wasn’t useful at scale. Site publishers who use this specific structured data don’t necessarily have to remove it, other search engines may find it useful. Removed paragraph:Video host carousel (limited access): Enable users to explore your video gallery pages by adding ItemList structured data. Google Search may automatically show a host carousel for your site without you having to add ItemList structured data.”Google also removed the entire structured data example. Screenshot Of Removed Recommended Properties SectionWhy Google Removed The DocumentationGoogle’s developer changelog lists the following reasons why the documentation was removed:“Removing video carousel (limited access) documentationWhat: Removed video carousel guidance from the video structured data documentation.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal