Google E-E-A-T: How To Demonstrate Experience (2023 Update)

January 16, 2024

Like first-hand experience, in-the-field experience is difficult to fake. 4 Ways to Demonstrate Experience (Like an E-E-A-T Pro)1. Curate ExperienceThe highest effort content will require you to commit capital and time to demonstrate first-hand experience. Use ChatGPT to Demonstrate ExperienceChatGPT can produce killer SEO content but struggles to demonstrate experience (out of the box). Word count minimum: [#] wordsProduct overview: [2-3 SENTENCES ABOUT PRODUCT]NLP keywords: [INSERT 50-100 NLP KEYWORDS]Article outline: [INSERT OUTLINE]Reviews:[INSERT 5-STAR REVIEW] [INSERT 4-STAR REVIEW] [INSERT 3-STAR REVIEW] [INSERT 2-STAR REVIEW] [INSERT 1-STAR REVIEW]Reddit opinions:[OPINION #1] [OPINION #2] [OPINION #3]YouTuber opinions:[OPINION #1] [OPINION #2] [OPINION #3]ChatGPT (using GPT-4) will likely spit out ~500-700 words.

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