Google: Don’t punish us for our success in Search

February 28, 2024

Google accused the U.S. government of wanting to punish it for being more successful than its competitors. Google stated in the legal document:“The evidence conclusively established that Google is the highest quality, most popular search engine in the United States, with the highest general search engine advertising monetization…Yet Plaintiffs would have Google punished and uniquely handicapped from competing to win these revenue share agreements.”“The purpose? To prop up lesser general search engine competitors in the hopes that will give them greater incentives and opportunities to improve their search quality — despite a long track record of failing to achieve such success in the past.”“That result is antithetical to U.S. antitrust law. If the U.S. Government wins, Google might not be the default search engine on computers, laptops and mobile devices anymore. This could let rivals like Microsoft and Yahoo have a chance at becoming the top search engine, changing how we search online.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land