Google Defends Lack Of Communication Around Search Updates

May 10, 2024

While Google informs the public about broad core algorithm updates, it doesn’t announce every minor change or tweak, according to Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan. OK, I love that Google informs us about broad core updates rolling out, but why not also explain when huge changes roll out that seem like an extension of the broad core update? The impact from whatever rolled out on 5/3 and now 5/8 into 5/9 has been strong.”Sullivan explained that Google continuously updates its search ranking systems, with around 5,000 updates per year across different algorithms and components. That’s because we do around 5,000 updates per year.”This is covered on our long-standing page about core updates: "We're constantly making updates to our search algorithms, including smaller core updates. There’s nothing to ‘do’ with those types of updates.”Why SEJ CaresUnderstanding that Google Search is an ever-evolving platform is vital for businesses and publishers that rely on search traffic.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal