Google Confirms That Filetype Search Operator’s Missing

February 29, 2024

Google’s filetype search operator went missing early Wednesday morning. Filetype Search OperatorThe filetype: search operator is a way to search for results that are constrained to specific kinds of files like text, pdf, .doc files and many other kinds of files. He tweeted:“This is probably a bug on filetype, and we’re looking into it.”Screenshot Of Missing Filetype Search ResultsHow To Make Filetype Operator WorkIf the filetype search operator hasn’t been fixed later Wednesday, there is a way to bring it back. Still a strange and deplorable restriction, just as the strange restriction that you cannot use verbatim in combination with date filter.”That tweet was correct, combining the filetype: search operator with another search operator like the site: search operator makes the filetype: search operator function again. There were reports by people from around the world who were tweeting about the filetype: search issue several hours earlier.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal