Google Confirms Business ‘Openness’ As Local Ranking Factor

December 17, 2023

Recent findings by SEO professionals suggest that Google has recalibrated its local search algorithm, placing more emphasis on a business’s listed hours of operation as a key ranking signal. 😱Well the news is out, the new ranking factor we are seeing that has a massive impact on ranking is HOURS. This is also making… — Joy Hawkins (@JoyanneHawkins) December 7, 2023Business Hours Confirmed As ‘Stronger’ Signal In Local Ranking SystemsIn response to the discussion, Google’s Search Liaison acknowledged the observations, confirming that “openness” has recently become a stronger signal for local search. The team tells me we’ve long used “openness” as part of our local ranking systems, and it recently became a stronger signal for non-navigational queries. Google quickly addressed these concerns, advising against manipulating business hours because the ranking signal for openness is subject to ongoing adjustments.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal