Google Confirmed a Ranking Issue: Did You Notice It?

February 07, 2024

Ranking Issue, Huge Update Coming, and Other SEO News for January 2024Written by Yulia Deda Reviewed by Olena Karpova 5 min readIn this edition of our blog series on SEO news and trends, we’ll focus on a ranking issue that occurred where sites were removed from SERPs on weekends. Ranking Bug Removing Sites from SERPsAt the beginning of the year, many website owners and marketing specialists began discussing the appearance of unusual ranking fluctuations in search results. There are multiple Google support forum discussions revolving around the fact that the quality of search results has decreased. Google Search Console UpdatesBecause of the changes made to the way Google tracks clicks and impressions for job listing and detail pages, these metrics might increase within performance reports, starting from January 9th. In the past several months, Google has been giving its old Google Groups forum area a massive ranking and visibility boost on SERPs.

The source of this news is from SE Ranking