Google Answers If Double Slash In URL Has SEO Impact

December 25, 2023

Google’s Gary Illyes answered the question in an Office Hours hangout about whether a double forward slash in a URL has an impact on the SEO for a website. The only way to really solve the double slash in the URL problem is to track down what exactly is causing the web server to generate double forward slashes in the URLs. This is the question that was asked:“What is the SEO impact of using double slashes in a URL, such as in”Gary Illyes answered:From a puritan perspective, that’s not an issue. Or else have a developer look at the code to see if there’s something there that’s generating the double forward slashes. Crawling with Screaming Frog can help pinpoint where the double forward slash is starting which in turn can provide a clue for what is causing that technical issue.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal