Google AMP & SEO: The Beginner's Guide [2023]

August 05, 2023

Since AMP pages are quite small (and are already stored in Google AMP Cache), they can be loaded and displayed to users ≈ 88% faster than traditional mobile pages. How to create & optimize AMP pagesCreating and implementing AMP pages on your website can be done basically in 2 ways:Creating AMP pages manuallyUsing an AMP pluginLet’s take a look at both of these options. a) Create AMP pages manuallyCreating AMP web pages manually is a pretty straightforward (though time-consuming) process – you can start simply by preparing an AMP template that will be used as a reference for all of your pages. Try Google AMP Test ToolOne of the easiest ways how to check and validate your AMP pages is to run them through Google’s AMP Test Tool. Google Search Console will then show you whether or not your AMP URLs are valid and eligible to be crawled, indexed, and displayed in Google Search.

The source of this news is from Mangools