Google Alters Purpose Of SpecialAnnouncement Structured Data

January 12, 2024

SpecialAnnouncement Structured DataThe SpecialAnnouncement structured data was created by in March 2020 as a way to communicate special announcements that are specifically related to Covid-19. This is how defines this specific structured data:“A SpecialAnnouncement combines a simple date-stamped textual information update with contextualized Web links and other structured data. How SpecialAnnouncement Structured Data Documentation ChangedThere are multiple changes throughout the document that are too numerous to document. But the changes as they currently stand do not widen the scope of the SpecialAnnouncement structured data beyond what they previously were. But because this structured data is in Beta it may at some point evolveRead the updated SpecialAnnouncement structured data guidance:Special announcement (SpecialAnnouncement) structured data (BETA)Featured Image by Shutterstock/Lauritta

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal