Google Ads lays off hundreds of staff amid support crisis

January 18, 2024

Google will lay off hundreds of employees from its advertising sales team this year. Advertisers told Search Engine Land last week that they are already struggling to solve issues impacting their Google Ads accounts as they can’t get hold of their reps. The reduction in staff could exacerbate the situation, further complicating problem resolution for marketers. News of the staff layoffs comes just weeks after Google Ads Liaison Officer, Ginny Marvin, confirmed that support is not being phased out but “changes are being made.” Google has not confirmed what changes we can expect, but Marvin did add:“I do think Support is an area where LLMs/Google AI will be able to make big strides in improving experiences. Read our deep dive into why advertisers think Google Ads support is at an all-time low for more information.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land